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Work Preference Profiling Service

The starting point of building a high performing team is to have the “right people on the right seat” within your business. Too often, we employee staff who have the right skills and attitudes, however, have them working in a position performing activities which they prefer not to do! HR for SmallBiz offers a team building service which determines the work preference of each employee, and aligns these to positions within the business.

Unfortunately, too often we see qualified and committed staff not performing to their peak due to performing activities which they naturally prefer not to do. Of course, all of us have to do tasks which we do not prefer to do, however, high performing staff are in jobs which they love to do. Our challenge is to match staff with those activities which they prefer to do.

HR for SmallBiz offers a work preference profiling service which involves an online questionnaire completed by each employee. Based on the responses, a fully detailed work preference profile report is produced for review by the manager and employee. The tool measures the following aspects of an employee’s profile:

  • How they relate to others (extrovert vs introvert)
  • How they gather and use information (practical vs creative)
  • How they make decisions (analytical vs beliefs)
  • How you organise themselves and others (structured vs flexible)

An individual debrief is held with the employee, then a discussion can be had regarding their current position and how much of their preference is used each day. A further extension of this process is to then bring the team together and review the team as a whole, identifying strengths, exposures, and potential areas of conflict within the team.

Feel free to contact us on (02) 8882 9694 if you would like to discuss this service further.

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