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Frequently asked questions: Permanent vs casual vs fixed term

What is a permanent employee?

An employee who is paid on a permanent basis with ongoing employment and regular hours prescribed per week. Permanent employees accrue paid annual leave, personal / carer’s leave and must receive or give notice to the end of their employment.

What is a permanent part time employee?

A permanent part time employee works regular hours each week but less than the 38 hour full time week. The days of work each week are regular with entitlements being accrued the same as a permanent full time employee but on a pro rata basis.

What is a casual employee?

A casual employee is employed for a variable number of hours and days from week to week. A casual employee does not have a reasonable and ongoing expectation of employment.

Does a casual employee accrue the same entitlements as a permanent full time or part time employee?

A casual employee does not accrue annual leave or personal / carers leave. Casual employees are not required to give or receive notice of termination as specified within the NES.

What entitlements do casual employees get?

A casual employee:

Is paid a higher hourly rate than equivalent full time or part time employees. This is termed ‘casual loading’ and is given because they do not receive benefits such as sick or annual leave.2 days unpaid personal / carer’s leave and 2 days unpaid compassionate leave per occasionUnpaid community service leave

What is a fixed term employee?

A fixed term employee is employed on a permanent basis for a set number of hours per week for a determined period of time (eg. 6 months). Fixed term employees accrue all NES benefits a permanent staff would for the period in which they are engaged for.

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