HR HealthCheck

Our onsite audit of your existing employment documentation, HR policies and processes will provide you with a detailed report of exposures and recommendations to ensure compliance. Click here to find out more....


Outsourced HR Manager

An experienced HR Manager will provide ongoing maintenance of your HR programs, or as a support to the current HR team - at a fraction of the cost of a fulltime employee. Click here to find out more....


Employment Advice

Avoid costly unfair dismissal or personal grievance claims with our professional industrial relations advice during counselling, dismissals, and workplace investigations.  Click here to find out more....


Outplacement Transition

Provide redundant employee with professional outplacement and career transition support to assist them find employment or to seek a career change. 

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Documents & Policies

Ensure your employment contracts, policies, forms and checklists are legally compliant all required employment legislation - health and safety, bullying and harassment, EEO and discrimintination.  Click here to find out more...


Workplace Health & Safety

Allow our experienced safety consultants improve your workplace safety whilst ensuring your are compliant with relevant safety legislation.

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