HR HealthCheck

HR for SmallBiz offers an onsite HR audit of an employer’s HR systems and processes. A full risk assessment with recommendations is provided.

Key Benefits

  • Provide the business owner with a full report of breaches of employment law and associated risks
  • Provides detailed recommendations to mitigate or remove the identified risk
  • Highlights areas of compliance that could result in fines, penalties or imprisonment
  • Suggests areas of improvement in recruiting, retaining and terminating staff
  • Gives recommendations of necessary inclusions in a HR policy and procedure manual

Specific Deliverables:

  • One day on site HR Audit and Report
  • Review of Employment Structure and Documentation
    • Awards
    • Agreements
    • Common Law Contracts
  • Occupational Health & Safety Systems Review & Recommendations
  • Review & Implement New Hire Processes and Systems
  • Review existing HR Policies & Procedures
  • Review of Performance Counselling process and template letters
  • Review of Work Environment policies – discrimination, EEO, harassment
  • Review of current Termination practice, process, and template letters
  • Review of Workers’ Compensation Premiums & Rehabilitation Program, with recommendations on potential cost saving areas

“We come to you and look for problems to fix before they cost you!”

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